Baltimore Reminiscences.

Issue 5 and Volume 1.

Baltimore Reminiscences. [From the Baltimore American.] Mr. John Dukehart, a member of the old Volunteer Fire Department, delivered recently, at Rechabite Hall, before the Association of Survivors of the Volunteer Fire Department, an interesting lecture—“Reminiscences of the Old Fire Department.” The attendance was large. Mr. Dukehart, who was a member of the old Mechanical Fire Company, stated that he would give a brief description of the Volunteer Fire Department as it existed prior to February, 1859, when the paid Fire Department was organized. The population was small when the first company was organized. In 1752 there were 25 houses and 200 inhabitants in Baltimore ; in 1765 there were 50 houses and 400 inhabitants ; in 1775 554 houses and 5,000 inhabitants; in 1790 the population was 15,000, and now it is 350,000. The first company was the Mechanical, organized in 1763, “ For the protection of the life and…

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