Our Building Department.

Issue 5 and Volume 1.

Our Building Department. The Times thinks there is an extensive mass of corruption existing in our Building Department. It says: “A great deal might be written without exhausting the calender of complaints against Mr. Adams and his department. The dark and dangerous tenement buildings erected by his permission ; the worthless fire-escapes on these structures, composed of thin iron ladders, reaching up nine or ten stories, on which women and children are supposed to descend in case of fire, but which even nimble sailors could scarcely scale, and the absence of these fire-escapes from buildings where they are most needed—all bear testimony against him. It is a significant fact that tke owners of small frame buildings, which are comparatively safe, have been compelled to erect fire-escapes, while huge eight-story barracks filled with families, are without them. And then, again, fire-escapes have been erected at the back of tenement houses, within…

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