Issue 5 and Volume 1.

INDEPENDENT OF POLITICS. It is impossible to secure the highest degree of efficiency for tho Fire Departments of our cities as long as politics are allowed to influence appointments therein. Every Fireman, be he Chief in command or the cheapest private ever employed, should hold his appointment so securely that, so long as he performs his duty honestly and faithfully, all the politicians of the country combined could not secure his removal. They should be independent of every body except their immediate superiors. Where Departments are controlled by Commissioners, these officers should be non-partizan, and should comprise the best and most public spirited citizens that can bo found, Securing their own appointments without knuckling to the politicians, their sole ambition should bo to secure the best men for the several positions in the Department, making merit, rather than efficiency as political wire pullers, the feat by which all applicants should…

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