Issue 6 and Volume 1.

HOBOKEN. N. J. A MODEL ENGINE HOUSE. The social surroundings of Firemen unquestionably have a wonderful effect upon their morals and their habits. It would be a profitable investment for every city to see that the men who serve the public so faithfully are as comfortably provided for as are those of Hoboken who occupy the quarters described herewith: Washington Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, from whose rolls many a wearer of the white cap has been chosen, is located on the main street— Washington. It is an unpretentious building, resembling some country town hall. Through its ground glass latticed door windows a soft light greets the approaching visitor, and scarcely does his hand touch the knob than “ open Sesame,” and a hearty welcome is extended. The apparatus, resplendent in the lustre of its “bright work,” harmonious with the well-toned colors upon the “ workings,” will bear a…

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