Western Fire Bugs.

Issue 6 and Volume 1.

Western Fire Bugs. Referring to the frequency of fires oeeurring in barns and outhousos in Denver, Col., the Times of that city says: “Within the past month there have been several of these fires, and in almost every instance there was no reason assignable for the conflagration, except in a number of cases the preparations discovered showed that there had been a systematic plan for the fire. When the character of most of our residences, and our liability to have severe winds, is taken into consideration, the matter becomes of much greater importance than the mere construction of an inexpensive shed or two, ano calls for the most vigorous measures for the detection of the scoundrels. When carefully prepared piles of kindling, shavings, etc., saturated with coal oil, are found in tho outhouses and barns, it me ns that thore aro penitentiary birds about, whose wings need clipping, and who…

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