A CityÕs Disgrace.

Issue 6 and Volume 1.

A City’s Disgrace. A correspondent sends us the following. “Many cities in Indiana have little to brag of in the way of Fire Department outfits. One large river town in the extreme southern portion of the State, though having a goodly number of apparatuses to run in connection with their ‘Holly’ water works, and a number of brave fellows to man them, the apparatus and houses are a disgrace to the city and an imposition on the men who are compelled to put up with them. Tumble down, crazy looking barns are called fire houses, and antiquatedjlooking hurdy-gurdies on wheels, hose carts or “ spools.” In some instances the larger and centrally located houses have no flooring ; the windows are glazed with sundiy articles of clothing ; the doors keep out the wind and weather if the dirt is high enough under them to form a threshold. The ceilings…

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