A Question Of Time.

Issue 6 and Volume 1.

A Question Of Time. A Pittsburg, Pa., correspondent to one of our companies has the following hit at our New York Department, relating to the time occupied in hitcling up. We would state that the figures are altogether wrong. The quickest time made was six seconds, and this by Engine 14: The New York laddies are bragging over the fast time made in hitching during the recent official inspection. I sec that each company was allowed three trials at hitching, so that all had the same chance, and their average time was then computed. This is the showing; Engine Company No. 41, 11⅛ seconds; Engine Company No. 42, II seconds ; Chemical Engine Company No. 1, 11seconds; Chemical Engine 2, ioJ-⅛ seconds ; Chemical Engine 3, 13 seconds ; Chemical Engine 4, 12 seconds ; Hook and I.airier Company No. 17, 9¾ seconds ; Hook and Ladder Company 13, 10¾…

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