San Francisco Pioneer Firemen.

Issue 7 and Volume 1.

San Francisco Pioneer Firemen. The San Francisco Chronicle publishes an interesting account of the early history of that city’s fire department. The first fire to which the infant city was exposed was on December 24th, 1849, on which occasion only two engines were used, one belonging to an English importing house, and the other owned by a speculator, who had brought it out to pump water from mines. The former was nearly worn out from prior service in the Sandwich Islands, and the other was a toy affair which had been formerly used by Martin Van Buren in irrigating his estate in New York. They could do little, however, and the most effective work was done by plastering the houses with mud from the streets. About a million dollars worth of property was destroyed on this occasion, and after it a Fire Department was organized. Two side-stroke engines were brought…

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