Issue 7 and Volume 1.

Correspondence. CHICAGO, ILL.. CHICAGO, December 20, 1877. Editor National Fireman’s Journal : If there is one thing of which Chicago should be more proud than of any other, it is her Fire Department, whose members are as gallant upon the floor as when fitted against the demon of destruction. They participated in a grand ball at McCormick’s Hall, the 19th inst. Some six hundred couples were present, and participated in the gaieties of the house. It is only to be regretted that more of the brave men who peril their lives for the public weal could not have been present, but the discipline of the Department, to which it owes its unrivalled efficiency, allowed but one man from each company to attend. It seemed hard thal one night s pleasure should be denied so large .1 proportion of the Department, but the city’s fate rested in their hands, and the…

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