Stolen Wit.

Issue 7 and Volume 1.

Stolen Wit. —Never look a gift mule in the heels. —The noble horse leads a life of whoa.” “Oh, mamma!” said a little one, “I eat so much, it spoils my appetite.” —“Sealskin sacks are worn longer.” Same way with all the rest of our old clothes. —It is a wise cow that knows its own fodder.” —A quack doctor is not “a duck of a man.” —Fire escape—the husband who lies a-bed in the morning until his wife gets up and builds the fire. —A young man must succeed who goes into the hand-cart business with the determination to push things. —“ First in wore, first in piece,” as the map said when the patch in the bay-window of his trousers wore through. —This is the season when a man who wants to remember the poor can sit down and think of himself the whole day long. —People who…

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