Entertaining Visitors.

Issue 7 and Volume 1.

Entertaining Visitors. The Commercial Club of Boston visited Chicago last week, and were shown the “Elephant” by prominent citizens of that city. Among other astonishers to which they were treated was an exhibition of the workings of the Fire Department. A fire-box on the corner of Jackson and La Salle streets was manipulated, and in the course of a few minutes the streets in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Pacific Hotel were filled with fire-engines, hose-carts, hook and ladder trucks, and firemen. Among the machines was the self-propeller, No. io, which came puffing up in its demonstrative fashion, in an incredibly short space of time after the signal had been given. This was a novelty to the visitors, who expressed unbounded admiration of the mechanical monster. Two engines were set to work, Sireams were thrown horizontally and to the roof of the hotel, and all with exhibition speed. Then…

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