Minor Topics.

Issue 10 and Volume 1878 1.

Minor Topics. IN the last number of the JOURNAL, we stated that there were about twelve hundred Fire Departments in the United States. This was a mistake, as we have a list of over two thousand organized Departments. Others are being organized every week, and manufacturers are sending new apparatus to them almost daily. NEITHER the Coroner nor Fire Marshal has yet completed his investigation of the Barclay street disaster. The generally accepted theory now is that when the engineer banked his fires at night a gas was created in the horizontal flue and chimney which was impeded in its escape by the density of the atmosphere; flame was communicated to this gas through the cracks in the chimney, whereupon an explosion occurred. This accounts for the column of flame that was shot up to such a great height, and also for the throwing down of the front walk. The…

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