Private Fire Protection.

Issue 10 and Volume 1878 1.

Private Fire Protection. THE JOURNAL has on several occasions contended that the private fire apparatus introduced into manufactories and other biddings, affords very little protection nst fire. It may serve to induce insurcompanies to lower their rates of insurance, but, in the absence of trained men to manage the apparatus, it is of very little service in cases of emergency. The insurance companies are beginning to find this out, one prominent authority remarking recently that the presence of such private apparatus had a tendency to promote carelessness and indifference, and that, so far from the rates being decreased in such cases, they should be increased for this reason. The Spectator, the leading insurance journal of this country, commenting, in its last issue upon the destruction of the New Haven Rubber Works, which were abundantly provided with fire extinguishers and o:her appliances for putting out fires, says : “ What do…

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