Costly Experience.

Issue 13 and Volume 1878 1.

Costly Experience. Last week we mentioned the fact that Collamer, Ohio, had been badly scorched by fire, and that we were unable to sympathise with the citizens in their losses because they had neglected the ordinary precautions to protect themselves from such loss. There was no water-supply in the town, and not so much as a hand engine with which to fight fire. Durirtg the past week there have been several other just such fires; notably one at Annville, Pa., and another at Livonia, in this State. In both these places several buildings in the business portion of the towns were destroyed, simply because the citizens had been too penurious to purchase the necessary fire apparatus. The fire came upon them suddenly, and they had nothing to do but to stand by and see it consume one building after another, till all available material was destroyed. The intervention of streets…

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