Minor Topics.

Issue 13 and Volume 1878 1.

Minor Topics. WE make room for an unusual amount of correspondence this week, all of which will be found interesting and instructive. Our friends must not complain if they find their letters somewhat abridged as to length, but this is necessary in order to give so many. CALCIBM lights are to be provided for the Hook and Ladder Companies of this city. It is found necessary to enable them to work among the ruins and dibris of burned buildings at night, to have more light than is afforded by the street lamps. The Calcium lights will be made somewhat in the form of chemical extinguishers, OUR Chicago letter gives some interesting particulars regarding a School of Instruction for Firemen which Marshal Benner has established in Chicago. A professor in one of the colleges is delivering before them a series of lectures on combustible materials, and illustrating them by experiments. Much…

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