Fair Play for the Fireman.

Issue 13 and Volume 1878 1.

Fair Play for the Fireman. A writer in the Philadelphia Ledger, who understands the art of putting things, thus shows how unjust and wicked is the so-called “reform” which would reduce the pay of Firemen: MR. EDITOR.—For some time the question has been mooted that a reform in the city expenses might be made by reducing the pay of our Firemen ten per cent, and I would ask a small space of your valuable paper in which to show the time worked and rate per day each Fireman works, and receives from the city for surrendering his time exclusively to the protection of life and property. Now a Fireman works 365 days less one day in six, or 365 days less 29 days—326 days. He works 326 days of 24 hours each, or 7,824 hours, which, at the customary time of the general workman, 10 hours per day. would make…

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