The Fire Service.

Issue 14 and Volume 1878 1.

The Fire Service. The Fire Service may be summed up under three heads ; prevention, detection, and extinguishment. So long as matter is inflammable, we shall never have entire immunity from fire. The best efforts of scientific men, architects and builders, may serve, by the adoption of fire-proof materials in the construction of buildings to reduce somewhat the percentage of fires, but they can never wholly prevent them. No matter what efforts may be put forth to make a building fire-proof, it is not safe from destruction by fire so long as it is filled with combustible material, as nearly every manufactory or business place is. It being impossible to prevent fires, the question as to the best means of extinguishing them becomes one of serious importance. As a means to this end. the early detection of the existence of the flames becomes a great desideratum. Science has stepped in…

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