Issue 14 and Volume 1878 1.

FIRE SERVICE PATENTS. List of Fire Service Patents Issued in 1877. [The following named patents, issued in 1877, were omitted from the list heretofore printed in the JOURNAL, and are now given to complete the record:] METHOD OF EXTINGUISHING FIRES.—Consisting in projecting upon the fire an extinguishing compound, having a low propulsive power, by means of a fire-extinguishing gas, having a high propulsive power. Patent No. 191,872, issued June 12, 1877, to Chas. M. Martin, New York, N. Y. FIRE-ESCAPE.—Combination of pulley, box, with extension, line, clips or dogs, bar, with rings and extensions. Patent No. 101,886. issued June 12, 1877, to Joseph Roch and Jules Colas, Montreal, Quebec, Ca. HOSE NOZZLE.—Stem provided with valve and spirallygrooved piston, in combination with spindle, provided with eccentric pin. Patent No. 191,934, issued June ta, 1877, to John Clifford and John Gielow, Chicago, III. HOFF. NOZZLES OR Pipes.—Provided with pivoted or swinging lever…

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