Issue 14 and Volume 1878 1.

OLD VOLUNTEERS. The Erie Canal Celebration, in 1825. One of the finest displays ever made by the old Volunteers in the early part of the present century, was that of the Erie Canal Celebration, in 1825. The Department consisted in those days of 42 Engine Companies, 4 Hook and Ladder Trucks, and one Hose Carriage. The arrangement for the Parade were perfected by a Delegate from each Company, of which Samuel J. Willis was Chairman. The Department turned out twelve hundred and fifty-two men, Jamerson Cox being then Chief Engineer. The line was formed on St. John’s Park, now covered by the Hudson River anil Central R. R. Freight Depot. Chief Cox acted as Grand Marshal, and was aided by twenty J Assistants ; among whom were Nathaniel M. Brown, Thomas Kennedy, Drake B. Palmer, Jesse Forshay, and others. Among the Wardens who turned out were, Wm. A. F. Pentz,…

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