Issue 15 and Volume 1878 1.

BENJAMIN B. BULLWINKLE Superintendent of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol. The subject of this sketch was born in New York, and is now thirty-one years of age. He came to Chicago in 1855, and, while a mere lad, engaged as driver for Chief Marshal Williams, then at the head of the Chicago Fire Department, in which position he acquitted himself with great credit. His promptness and efficiency were particularly noticeable to those who had an interest in observing the operations of the Fire Department. After taking his chief to the location of a fire, he did not content himself with having performed the work allotted to him, but would secure his horse and set himself to work to assist the Department in every way possible, in which effort he was often successful in rendering substantial aid. During the summer of 1871 the Chicago Board of Underwriters determined upon organizing a…

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