Issue 15 and Volume 1878 1.

A TRUE HERO. * JAMBS Braidwood.—Died, June 22nd, x36i. GENTLEMAN Not at the battle front,— Writ of in story; Not on the blaring wreck, Steering to glory Not while in martyr pangs Soul and flesh sever, Died he—this Hero new— Hero for ever. No pomp poetic crown’d, No forms enchained him, No friends applauding watched, No foes arraigned him: Death found him there, without (randcur or beauty, Only an honest man Doing his duty : Just a God-fearing man, Simple and lowly. Constant at kirk and hearth, Ki:d~y and holy: Death found—and touched him with Finger in flying: So he rose up complete— Hero undying. Now, all mourn for him, Lovingly raise him Up from his life obscure. Chronicle, praise irn Peril appalling, Tell his last act, done midst And the last word of cheer From his lips falling ; t’oltow in multitudes To his grave’s portal; Leave him there,…

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