Description of the Nev Building

Issue 15 and Volume 1878 1.

Description of the Nev Building The first floor of the new building is 95 by 100 feet, and sixtee feet and eight inches high, with blackwalnut and maple wainscoting. In the front of the room there are two pairs of stairs, one on each side. Under these are the horses’ stalls. Between the stairs and stalls is the Patrol wagon, the pole of which is ten feet from the front doors, which open out in a vestibule by electricity, and are held by weights. On the right the room, s ou enter, are all the :t~egraphic instruments con_i nected with the Pitr~, w,~h no wires visible. A raised paneled bla~k~ ah~ut wall, consisttng of the Electric Mercurial Fire larm.” which is con nected with seventy different business buikIint~s, concealing the wires. This is a system which gives the alarm automatically, gir~ng the exact location of the fir. in any building.…

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