The Incendiary Hatchway

Issue 15 and Volume 1878 1.

The Incendiary Hatchway Almost every important fire that occurs nowadays affords another illustration of the Incendiary character of the ordinary hatch way and elevator. The disastrous conflagration that occurred last Sunday night, in West Twenty-third street, whereby $600,000 worth of property was destroyed, received its impetus from the elevator shaft, open on every floor. The tire originated in the base nw~t, and, reaching the hase oh this shaft, was sucked up as by a chimney, to the top of’ the building, bursting forth trom each floor muItaneously in masses of’ tlanw that were wholly uncontrollable. This shaft, acting as a chimney, not only afforded a means by which the thunt’s were distributed al most inst .i n taneously throughout the build ing, hut supplied a draft which fanned them to such dimensions that the building was at once doomed to dest~uction. At the Bat’clay Street tire the flames were distributed…

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