Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

FIRE! For the National Fireman’s Journal. O’er the vast city slumber reigns ; the light Of fading day long past ; the shadows deep Lengthening unto the mid-hour of the night ; Unconscious, wearied thousands lie in sleep In home’s security ; no dream of danger nigh ; Silence, and peace, and safety, all around ; No watch is kept ; open, no wakeful eye,— All, wrapped in slumber peaceful and profound. One small red spot glimmers the darkness through, Scarcely perceptible ; one little shining spark That glimmers, then fades, then comes again to view. But seeming larger, each time, in the dark. Slowly yet surely, creeps it on its way— With littie tongues thrust out—and climbing higher ‘Till the broad glare makes night as light as day. And sleepers waken with the cry of “ Fire ! ” Now wjld confusion where such calmness reigned, And hurryings to…

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