Inspecting Buildings.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Inspecting Buildings. IN Massachusetts, detectives F. C. Currier, H. C. Joslyn, C. A. W. Oesting and John B. Hollis, Jr., have given the principal portion of their time since the 1st of July to the inspection of factories and public buildings, under the requirements of the legislative act of 1877. They have inspected 639 factories and manufacturing establishments, and 862 public buildings. The manufacturers and owners of public buildings have generally met their demands in a kindly spirit, and new fire escapes or alterations of those already erected have been ordered in 123 factories and in thirty-four public buildings, changes in doors have been required in 117 factories and 257 public buildings, protection to belting and gearing has been ordered in ninety-nine cases, and protection for elevators in ninety cases, and numerous changes, alterations and devices of different descriptions have been required for the better protection of the operatives and…

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