The Insurance Incendiary.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

The Insurance Incendiary. How often have we seen a large mill, furnished with every appliance for preventing and extinguishing fire, built after the most approved style and of the most durable materials, destroyed by a fire of unaccountable origin and suspicious rapidity ; while some crazy, tumble-down mill, built of kindling wood, crowded with ill-arranged and badlyconstructed machinery, choked with heaps of combustible material, and spitting out of its low chimney a volume of flame and burning cinders, stands year after year in seeming defiance of all the laws of chance and all the accumulated perils with which it is continually threatened. Now, what is the cause of this apparent violation of the law of probabilities? You will almost invariably find that the larger and better mill was idle or unprofitably occupied. Perhaps its very costliness is operating as a dead weight upon the owner or lessee ; perhaps it…

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