Cincinnati’s New Chief.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Cincinnati’s New Chief. The new Chief Of the Cincinnati Fire Department is thus described: “Personally, Chief Bunker is a kindly and social gentleman. Though quiet and reserved, he is one of the most companionable of men, and always has a courteous word for stranger or friend. He stands six feet two inches in his stockings, weighs 220 pounds, and is an excellent specimen of physical manhood. His personal courage has never been questioned, and he has the physical capacity to back it up. For many years he has been a strict teetotaller, as gards the use of spirituous liquurs a quali tv that does not lessen his fitness for he rcspnu~ sible position to which he has been elevated for the next three years. At present lie reshies with his wife-he has no children living —at No. 3” East Seventh Street. Hh; resi deuce adjoins the rear portion of the…

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