Answers to Inquirers.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Answers to Inquirers. [We are in constant receipt of letters of inquiry regarding Firemen’s supplies, and of orders for various articles. This is a phase of the business which we had scarcely anticipated; nevertheless, we will cheerfully undertake to comply with the requests of correspondents, without fee or reward. All we shall expect in return will be their good offices in behalf of the JOURNAL.] LONG REACH.—See letter of Chief Cook, which covers the point referred to in your letter. HARRY.—Have written you fully regarding portrait of your Chief. The photograph sent cannot be classed as a work of high art. WM. P., JR., Montreal, Canada.—“ Fire and Fire Extinction,” by James Braidwood, was published by Bell & Dalby,in London, in 1866. It is an exceedingly interesting work. BANTY.—Your newsdealer will get the JOURNAL promptly if he orders it in time. The American News Company has it every Friday evening,…

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