Minor Copics.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Minor Copics. THE deep snows in Boston have suggested many devices for transporting fire apparatus on runners. Several means have been tried, but none with success, especially for the Steamers. The self-propellers work better in deep snow than was anticipated, getting about quicker than those drawn by horses. “ROTARY SAM,” of Chicago, thinks our correspondent “Progress” rather late in discovering that Marshal Benner had established a School of Instruction in that city. This was no new discovery on the part of “Progress” or the JOURNAL, but the method adopted, and the idea embodied in the School ol Instruction were deemed of sufficient interest to Firemen who do not possess such advantages to war rant a description. MR. IRA CORNWALL, Jr., insurance agent and broker, at St. John, N. B., has jrescnted to the Chief and each of the Fire Companies of that Department a full file of the FIREMAN’S JOURNAL,…

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