Mysterious Explosions.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Mysterious Explosions. Since the mysterious explosion which occurred in a candy manufactory in this city a few weeks ago, attention has been turned to various other singular explosions which have taken place in past years, and investigations seem to lead to the conclusion that the dust of any inflammable substance, when mixed with air in a certain proportion, is liable to explode Many instances are mentioned in proof of this theory. In 1872 a flour explosion was caused in a factory at Glasgow by sparks from the millstones. About four years ago an explosion of sawdust occurred in Friedelc, Germany; and it is on record that a cloud of flour dust was ignited by a candle in the Ofen Pesth steam mill, in Austria, causing a terrific explosion. A disastrous explosion followed the ignition of sawdust in the Pullman car works at Detroit about two years ago, and a similar…

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