Hose Couplings.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Hose Couplings. A correspondent, writing from Dixon, Ill., whose communication was printed in the JOURNAL of two weeks ago takes exception to the rule regarding the coupling required to be used by Hose Companies participating in the coming Tournament at Chicago. He intimates that there is a “job” in the rule, whereby some manufacturer or official is to profit. This is an insinuation as ungenerous as it is uncalled for, and we gave publicity to it simply to repel it. The National Association of Engineers, and all State Associations of Firemen. have been strenuous since their first organization, in their efforts to secure a uniform coupling for hose. By resolutions and otherwise, they have sought to secure this end. The resolution adopted by the National Association is as follows : “Resolved, That this Convention, so far as lies in its power, adopts the following aa the standard thread for all…

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