More Reorganization.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

More Reorganization. There is a bill before the Ohio Legislature to reorganize the Cincinnati Fire Department. The bill provides that the police judge shall appoint Fire Commissioners in the first instance, and the mayor appoints one successor each year. The board is empowered to organize and to elect a Fire Marshal as Chief of the Department, and such number of assistants as they may determine ; no Marshal to be appointed on account of political or religious belief, and after appointment no one removed for such cause. The amount of funds set apart for Fire Department shall not exceed $225,000 in any year ; that to be certified to by the auditor to the treasurer, and not transferred to any other fund ; any interest accruing from depositing in bank shall belong to the fund. In minor details the bill proposes a system much the same as prevailed prior to…

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