Water and Conflagrations.

Issue 16 and Volume 1878 1.

Water and Conflagrations. Great conflagrations are usually attributable to a deficient water supply. In this country this fact has been especially noticeable. With the full equipment of the Fire Departments in our large cities with the most approved fire apparatus, it has become almost impossible for a fire to extend to the dimensions of a serious calamity unless the supply of water is inadequate. The great fires in Chicago and Boston, and the destruction of several small towns within the past few years, were rendered possible because the supply of water either gave out or was not sufficient for fire purposes. At the Hale piano warehouse fire in this city, the lack of water on the west side of the city was made manifest, and the fire in Twentythird street two weeks ago, served further to illustrate the lamentable fact that in many parts of the city the water mains…

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