Give Them the Power.

Issue 17 and Volume 1878 1.

Give Them the Power. It is the province of the Fire Service to extinguish fires. To this end the power should be vested in those having control of the Fire Service to adopt such measures for the prevention of fires as are best calculated to secure this result. In this city the Fire Commissioners are empowered to compel owners of property to adopt such measures for fire protection as they may deem necessary, but in all matters pertaining to the construction of buildings they have no voice whatever. In this branch the notoriously inefficient Department of Buildings is supreme. Our Firemen, who are required to familiarize themselves with the condition of buildings within their several districts, make frequent reports of the dangerous character of some of them, which reports are forwarded to the Department of Buildings, where they are smothered. What motive predominates to secure to property-owners immunity from the…

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