Firemen’s National Tournament.

Issue 17 and Volume 1878 1.

Firemen’s National Tournament. As Chicago is making great preparations for the National Tournament that is to take place in that city in September next, and as Firemen in all sections of the country are making their arrangements to participate in the contests, we present herewith the rules and regulations which have been adopted and are to govern in all competitive trials: PREAMBLE. The objects of this assemblage are: The protection and promotion of the best interests of the Firemen of the United States and Canadas, the collection of information concerning the practical working of different systems of organization; the examination of and inquiry concerning the merits of the different kinds ol fire apparatus in use, and the cultivation of a fraternal fellowship between the different Departments of the United States and Canadas, We do hereby piopose to practically test any and all fire apparatus presented for that purpose, strictly on…

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