The Way they Do it in Canada.

Issue 17 and Volume 1878 1.

The Way they Do it in Canada. The Guelph Daily Mercury of january 23d reports concerning a fire which occurred that town; “The alarm by some means or other was delayed being given, and this, together streperous with manner, the horses delayed acting the in steamer a rather some obfifteen minutes. The steamer during this time, owing to the great delay, had been pretty freely anathemathized by various parties. About four o’clock, three-quarters of an hour after the cry of fire was first made, the steamer commenced throwing water, but so feeble was the stream that it congealed in the hose. There were only twenty pounds of steam on at the time, which did not prove sufficient. At this time there appeared great danger to the Royal buildings, as cinders were blowing wildly about, and the roof of the hotel was flecked with burning coals. Fortunately the roof did not…

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