A Good Idea.

Issue 17 and Volume 1878 1.

A Good Idea. The Springfield Republican, referring to the exposure of small villages to destruction by fire, says. “A large fire in another village up in Vermont, that of South Royalton, shows the absolute exposure of the small villages to fire and should stimulate the ingenuity of preventive measures for rural communities. Why do not the towns along one railroad within fifty miles organize a railroad fire service? Here, for instance, are two villages—Bethel and South Royalton—within ten miles of each other by rail, and both strung along a considerable stream of water, which have lately suffered severely from fire. Neither village is big enough to have a fire service, but ten towns along the Central Vermont might unite to maintain at some central point, where the railroad keeps an engine, a steam fire-engine mounted on a car and attended by a small paid service. The proportional expense for each…

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