Mirror Topics.

Issue 18 and Volume 1878 1.

Mirror Topics. COMPLAINT was recently made to the Fire Commissoners that at a manufactory in Canal street, where some 500 persons are employed, there was but one mode of egress, and this was by means of a four-foot staircase. In case of fire great loss of life would have been likely to have occurred. The Commissioners ordered a fire-escape to be erected. If an investigation j were made, hundreds of similarly constructed factories or manufacturing places would be found. We would like to have the authorities inspect some of the great daily paper offices, where hundreds 0i men are employed all night on the top floor of tall buildings, with only a single pair of stairs by which to escape incase of fire. They are in constant peril, and should be afforded some better means of escape. COMPLAINTS still reach us that some newsdealers do not keep the JOURNAL for…

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