Let them be Dismissed

Issue 20 and Volume 1878 1.

Let them be Dismissed Elsewhere we print an account, compiled from the daily papers, of the disgraceful conduct of the Firemen of Stapleton at the burning of the brewery there on Thursday of last week. Becoming intoxicated by the beer, which flowed like water, they also became jealous of the superior work done by the Firemen of the neighboring cities who had been summoned to their assistance, and in the most cowardly and brutal manner assailed those who had come to help them in their great emergency. First, they turned their stream of foul water upon the assisting companies, and when the strangers dared to resist this outrage they were assaulted with clubs, axes, picks and other weapons. Finally, the strangers abandoned the contest, took up their apparatus, and refused further assistance. For a time a formidable riot was in progress, which the police were unable to quell, they being…

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