Fire Ladders

Issue 20 and Volume 1878 1.

Fire Ladders The most noticeable deficiency of modern Fire Departments is that of ladders. We have our Hook and Ladder Trucks, equipped with any number of short ladders, and with extension ladders, which can be readily put together and will reach to a height of about sixty-five feet. But even these are cumbersome compared to what a quick-service ladder should be, and their length falls far short of the requirements. In the large cities ground room is so costly that buildings are run up to the height of six, eight, and even nine stories, way beyond the reach of the present extension ladders. Numerous attempts have been made to provide for this deficiency, and long extension ladders, aerial ladders, etc., have been devised, but not one has yet come to the front that answers the requirements of the service. When the ScottUda ladder was first brought out, it was thought…

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