The “Maltese Cross” Hose.

Issue 20 and Volume 1878 1.

The “Maltese Cross” Hose. In an article headed “A Costly Burst,” published in No. 14 of the JOURNAL, commenting on “the bursting of a section of hose in Philadelphia, and generally treating the subject of hose, we said: “The Foreman of one of our most active companies stated to us the other day, that the effectiveness of his pipemen depended very much upon the quality of hose they had to handle. Said he, ‘ when we had the old Maltese brand of hose the pipemen were afraid to trust it; it was liable to burst at any moment, and leave them in a bad place without a stream of water to protect themselves from the flames; but new, with a good line of Eureka hose behind them, the pipemen are not afraid to go anywhere.’ ” We gave the statement as it was made to us, without endorsing or disavowing…

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