Our Worthless Patent Laws.

Issue 21 and Volume 1878 1.

Our Worthless Patent Laws. That “a patent in this country is good for nothing till it has passed through the courts,” is a truism widely recognized. Our patent laws need radical amendment. As they exist at present, a patent can be obtained for anything. Some may cost a little more money to be “put through” than others, but if the money is only forthcoming, merit becomes an entirely secondary consideration. But this is not of so much matter, under the existing condition of things, for the reason that a modern patent confers no rights whatever upon its owner. It is not even accepted as prima facie evidence that the owner is the inventor of that which is specified in the patent; but, to sustain his claim to originality of invention, he must appeal to the courts, undergo the delays and expenses incident to protracted litigation, and take the chances of…

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