City and Vicinity.

Issue 21 and Volume 1878 1.

City and Vicinity. NEW YORK CITY. The New York Department. THE CORPS OF SAPPERS AND MINERS. When the great fire in Boston occurred, it was suggested that an attempt be made to check the flames by blowing up some of the buildings lying in their course. A consultation between the Mayor and Fire authorities took place to settle the question as to who was empowered by law to assume the responsibility of destroying the property in question. Much valuable time was lost before the point was settled, but finally the order was given. Several attempts were then made with gunpowder to destroy buildings, but none of these were successful, owing to the lack of knowledge of the conditions necessary to secure an effective explosion. The powder exploded, shaking the buildings, tearing down woodwork, etc., and making the mass of debris more inflammable than it would have been if left standing.…

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