“The Lowest Bidder.”

Issue 21 and Volume 1878 1.

“The Lowest Bidder.” The Hartford Post indulges in some very just strictures upon the management of the Philadelphia Fire Department. Among other things, it says that the greatest obstacle met by the Philadelphia Fire Department in successfully battling the great fire in that city Monday night, was the weak hose of the Department which burst, cracked and unseamed from the pressure of water. For several years the Philadelphia Fire Commissioners have given out their hose contracts to the lowest bidder, and the result has been that utterly worthless hose has been saddled on the Department for service. This has been one of the worst features of the management of that commission, political intrigue another failure. The lesson of the recent great fire, may teach what should have been learned long ago, that the best hose is the cheapest and none but the best should be allowed in fire service. At…

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