How They Do It in Arkansas.

Issue 21 and Volume 1878 1.

How They Do It in Arkansas. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat devotes four columns of its issue of March 10th to a special report of the great fire at Hot Springs, Ark. We quote such portions as are likely to interest our readers: “As already told, the fire had its rise in low negro dance house, in the rear of Correy’s saloon, just north of the Hot Springs Hotel. A dance was in progress, at about 2 o’clock in the morning a coal oil lamp upset, and the frail shanty was soon in flames. Opinion seemed to be unanimous upon the point that the Firemen of the place did not fight the fire with anything like the intelligence which had been believed such an emergency would have broueht forth. Some hinted, and by no means vaguely, that the brigade had not enough blue ribbon in its uniform. Hut this opinion did…

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