Random Sparks.

Issue 22 and Volume 1878 1.

Random Sparks. —In Utica, N. Y., the Fire Department cleans the streets. —It is asserted that the main cause of fires in France arises from the use of wood as fuel. —Thomas Conway, of Truck No. 3, Chicago F. D., was injured in the leg, at a fire, on the 4th inst. —George Skinner, the inventor of the Skinner Fire-Ladder, died recently at Washington of apoplexy. —April ist, there was a $125,ox fire in New Orleans. Not much of a hoax in that for All-Fools day. —Eight thousand steam boilers furnish the motive power of the various power using establishments in New York city. —A tramp was recently burned to death in a barn near Dayton, O. He is supposed to have been the cause of the fire which destroyed his life. —The explosion of a cask of vitriol of soda caused a $6,000 fire in Chicago the other day.…

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