Tin as a Fire Protector.

Issue 22 and Volume 1878 1.

Tin as a Fire Protector. The Springfield Republican says: “Saturday’s fire demonstrated the economy of building well. The building in which it occurred is constructed in sections, each of which is surrounded by fire-proof walls, and the doors connecting them are either all iron, or wood encased with tin. There is probably not another block in the city containing so much combustible material in which a fire would have gained as little headway under the same circumstances. The value of tin in preference to iron for fire-proof doors was also demonstrated. When the building was constructed, the question arose which was preferable, iron or tin, and some doors of each kind were put in. In Saturday’s fire the iron door was warped while the tin, where it was exposed to the heat of the fire, was not at all affected. Where the tin was’on only one side of a door,…

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