Wants Reorganizing.

Issue 22 and Volume 1878 1.

Wants Reorganizing. After the horse is stolen, lock the stable door. The Chicago fire aroused the citizens of that city to the necessity of providing better means for extinguishing fires. Boston’s conflagration followed soon after, and the residents of large cities began to feel that their property was equally exposed to destruction by fire, and very generally set to work to improve their Fire Service. New York profited by these costly lessons, and, as a result, we have a Fire Department which for efficiency has not its equal in the world. Some other cities, however, faded to learn anything from the experience of their neighbors, and were content to see their Fire Departments maintained after the old style or fall into decay. Philadelphia is one of these latter cities. While the manual force of the Department is excellent, and is commanded by a thorough and enthusiastic Fireman in the person…

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