City and Vicinity.

Issue 22 and Volume 1878 1.

City and Dicinity. NEW YORK CITY. The New York Department. ENGINE COMPANY NO. 19. No. 355 West 25th street, is a fine three-story brick building, with brown-stone trimmings. It occupies a lot 25 x 100 feet, the building being 25 x 60. This was built by the old Volunteer Fire Department, and was formerly occupied by Volunteer Engine Company No. 48. At present it is occupied by Engine Company No. 19, whose apparatus is located on the first floor. Above are the bunk rooms of the men, and the office of the Foreman and his Assistant. The third floor is the sitting room of the members of the company, where there is a billiard table and other means of recreation for the men who are so closely confined and who spend many weary hours awaiting those signals which call them forth to active and exciting duty. At the rear of…

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