How to Aot in Case of Fire.

Issue 22 and Volume 1878 1.

How to Aot in Case of Fire. Better than all elaborate and costly apparatus for extinguishing fires are constant care and watchfulness, and quick and intelligent action on the part of those who first discover a fire in progress. The fire which at its beginning could be smothered with a pocket handkerchief, or dashed out with a bucket of water, neglected a few moments lays in waste millions of dollars’ worth of property. If there is any time in which a person should be cool and calm, in perfect command of himself, it is when he discovers a fire that threatens the destruction of life and property. The first thing to do is to learn precisely where it is, the second, to consider the chances of extinguishing it. Of course in cities an alarm should at once be sent out, but at the same time a vigorous effort should be…

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